Persons living in the Northampton Area Public Library's direct service area who are unable to visit the library because of age, illness or other temporary or permanent disability are eligible for homebound services.

You may borrow books (including large print books), magazines, music CDs, DVDs, and books on CD. Scheduled deliveries will be made by the Senior Outreach Coordinator or volunteer.

To sign up for this service, contact the Senior Outreach Coordinator Barbara, who will conduct a brief interview (which will include an interest survey) and schedule your initial visit. If you do not have a library card; one will be issued at the 1st visit.

If you are interested in our Homebound service and would like to apply, or if you have any questions on this service, please contact the Northampton Area Public Library at 610-262-7537, or see below to apply online.

Click here for the Homebound Services Application