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100 Books Before Challenges for Teens

100 Books Before High School & 100 Books Before Graduation

At Northampton Area Public Library, we offer two teen reading initiatives: 100 Books Before High School and 100 Books Before Graduation.  

Teens in grades 6 through 8 may register for 100 Books Before High School. Teens in grades 9 through 12 may register for 100 Books Before Graduation. These programs are read at your own pace. No pressure! 

Participants may register online by using the provided links, or by registering in-person at the library. Upon registration, you must sign up on Reader Zone. Once you sign up on Reader Zone, use code 6afb3 and join the corresponding reading challenge group. You will track your reading progress both on Reader Zone and by using the provided reading log.


  • For every 25 books you have read and recorded, you will receive one free book of your choosing. 

  • Upon completing the challenge and reading 100 books, you may choose one of two prizes. 

  • Option 1: You may choose to have a commemorative bookplate added to one book (new to our library or pre-existing in our collection) to celebrate your completion of the program.

  • Option 2: You may choose to receive a $50 gift card. 

FAQs and Rules: 

Who can participate? 

  • These programs are only for teens in grades 6 through 12. If you are signing up during the summer, you may participate if you are a fifth grader entering sixth grade, or an eighth grader entering ninth grade. 

  • You may only complete each program once. Once you’ve completed 100 Books Before High School, you may move on to 100 Books Before Graduation.  

What kind of books can I include in my reading log? 

  • Audiobooks, graphic novels, and manga count! Feel free to include them in your reading log. 

  • Required reading for school counts! Feel free to include academic reading in your reading log. 

  • If you have read half or more than half of a book, but decide you do not like it, you may still include it in your reading log.  

What kind of books cannot be included? 

  • Re-reads do not count. Please do not include books you have re-read. 

  • Do not include books you read before beginning the challenge. Please only include books that you’ve read throughout the duration of your participation.