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Are You Ready to Snack?!

It's that time! Our pop-up Double Good Popcorn fundraiser is live! I'm so excited to buy some popcorn and support the library that I'm using far too many exclaimation points!

My first encounter with Double Good Popcorn was a fundraiser for the field hockey team of one of my friends' daughters. Each kid was raising money to help cover their summer field hockey camp coaches and their team jerseys. The girls killed the fundraiser, and all they had to do was promote it through social media. It was fast, easy, and remarkably efficient. Plus the popcorn was absolutely delicious!

I'm fond of a popcorn snack, and Double Good has flavors that appeal to everyone. They've got your typical butter (Butter Believe It!), your cheese (White Cheddar Go Getter), and your kettle corn (Little Kettle That Could). They've got your spicy (Holla-Peño) and your simple (Sergeant Salt & Pepper). They've even got your gourmet blends (Sweetie, You Salty and In Queso Fire)! And for those of you who are really fond of the strangeness that is cheesy and sweet, thye've got you covered as well (Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy and Chi-Town Chow Down). My top two personal favorites are My Main Cheese, a scrumptous blend of cheddar and blue cheeses, and Caramel-Diem, a to-die-for blend of brown sugar and caramel).

Can't decide on a flavor? Try one of the collections they offer! Have a favorite? Buy three or six bags for a discount!

The best part is that Double Good is fresh and preservative free. Each order is popped at most 48 hours from when it ships out directly to you. You don't have to stop by the libarry to pick it up, and you don't have to worry about the ingredients (though they list every ingredient on each flavor's page).

So grab a snack to support the library! NAPL gets 50% of all profits, which is a larger percentage than many other fundraisers. Do good. Eat good. Double Good.

<3 Veronica

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