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Bonnie T.

Bonnie T.  (Technical Services Assistant)


Genres:  Inspiring stories,mysteries

Why?  I have 2 very different genres that I like to read.  (1) Inspiring stories - Stories that are true to life in a way, could happen or not, and touches your heart type.  Sometimes they are so sad but always leave me feeling OK with the story endings,  I also read similar books in young adult fiction as well.  Stories about the shy, underdog kid or misunderstood young person.  They almost always have a great message to them and happier endings for the main characters.  I like that because I was a very shy kid in school, so I think I read them to better understand my own feelings about who I was then and who I am now!

(2) Mysteries, intrigue and who-dunnit types - I like them with twists and turns to the story that don't come to light until the last chapter or last few pages.  I just recently started reading these books and I do enjoy the way I try to figure it out.  Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am way off.

My top 5 books

  1. The Walk series or Borken Road series by Richard Paul Evans (F Eva)
  2. "We are all made of stars" by Rowan Coleman (F Col)
  3. "Story of Arthur Trulew" by Elizabeth Berg (F Ber)
  4. "Leaving Time" or "The storyteller" by Jodi Picoult (F Pic)
  5. "Elsewhere" by Gabby Zevin (YA Zev)


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