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Borrowing Materials

What items can I check out?

Books (excluding Reference and PA Collection), magazines, DVDs, CDs and audiobooks. 

How long can items be checked out for?

  • Books, Magazines, CDs, and Audiobooks -- 3 Weeks 
  • Reserve Books -- 2 Weeks  
  • DVDs -- 1 Week 

Are there limits on what I can check out? 

Magazines, DVDs, CDs, and Audiobooks all have a limit of 10 per card.

How do I reserve an item?

If an item you want is checked out, ordered or unavailable you may place a reserve on it at the Help desk, by calling
the library at 610-262-7537 or through your account online. 

When your reserve arrives at the library you will be notified via a phone call. Once called you have three days to pick
up the item. After three days the item will be given to the next person on the reserve list or put back on the shelf.

What if the library does not have an item I want? 

If the item is less than a year old it can be requested at the Help Desk in the library and it will be considered for purchase. If the item is over a year old inquire at the Help Desk about Interlibrary Loan services. 
Check out the Request an Item page for more information.