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Author Reading: John Olszewski


Author Reading: John Olszewski

Community Room
@ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
1615 Laubach Avenue
Northampton, PA 18067
John Olszewski
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Come join us for a true crime reading/question session from an author from Massachusetts, John Olszewski!

John Olszewski had his second book released in 2022.  Serial Shorts is a unique collection of seven short stories on serial killers John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein, Robert Hansen, Leonard Lake/Charles Ng, Henry Lee Lucas/Ottis Toole, Richard Ramirez, and Gerald Stano/Ted Bundy. This book is the first in what hopes to be a series.  John's first book, The Long Dark Walk, was released in 2019.  It is half autobiography and half research.  For the last twenty-plus years John Olszewski has corresponded with and even met our society's most infamous killers. His focus was initially on serial killers, but as time went on he reached out to mass and spree killers and even professional athletes who are incarcerated.

He wanted to back up his beliefs on how damaged the multiple murderers really are. Using a list of ten background factors such as mental health issues and physical abuse, he gives us the alarming numbers and a realization that someone should have noticed the monsters in our midst. Included in the book are photos of the subjects that have been sent to John as well as pictures of their artwork.Some of the famous killers John has corresponded with are: Robert Bardo, Lawrence Bittaker, Ian Brady, Jerome Brudos, William Heirens, Elmer Henley, Keith Jesperson, Randy Kraft, Henry Lee Lucas, Clifford Olson, Richard Ramirez, Michael Ross, Arthur Shawcross, Pamela Smart, Peter Sutcliffe, Randall Woodfield, and Robert Yates.This book will be of interest to avid true crime readers, but also the casual reader filled with curiosity and questions about the evil that men do.

Must be 18 and older to attend. Registration required.

Please do not attend if you're sensitive to discussions of violence or explicit content.

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