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NAPL Summer Quest 2022 - Adult Program

Read books. Do fun activities. Win prizes!

How it works

NEW!  Track your reading online at Reader Zone.  Go to 
or download the Reader Zone App.  Create your account. 
Enter our code - 4031f and choose the correct program.

If you prefer paper, that's ok too!  You can download PDF versions
of the reading logs 

Adult programming will be a combination of virtual, take home and
in person programming.  Each event will indicate which type of program it is.

What You Need to Know:

When can I start? The program runs from June 4 - August 13, 2022. 

What books count? Books from home, library books, e-books, magazines,
graphic novels, and audiobooks all count.

What prizes can I earn? Small fun prizes and gift cards.

How do I redeem prizes? Watch for additional information about how to redeem your
reading time for prizes on this web page  Prize quantities are limited.        



Reader Zone (June 4 - August 13)
Reader Zone is our new online program to track reading achievements. You will track books you have read.  Reader Zone is easy.  Download the app to your phone, create your account.  Then use our code – 784cc to join our reading quest.  For every book read, you will earn an entry into our end of summer prize raffle.

Oceans of Possibility Community Engagement Challenge (June 4 - August 13)
Another reading quest!  Do the activities, mark the seashells ,and when you get to a prize send a screenshot to or come into the library! Prizes are listed on the back of your gameboard. Fill the board to be entered into the end of summer prize raffles. 



Registration is required for all adult programs.  Programs are for adults 18 and over.

Captain's Log Take Home Kit - Pickup begins June 20
Captain's logs and ship's log have a rich history, and provide insight into how life on seafaring vessels went (and still goes today).
Create your very own Captain's Log notebook for your personal, everyday needs. Notebooks are great for to do lists, random thoughts, doodles, the grocery list... Whatever you can think of!
All supplies are provided.

Pirates of the Past - Wednesday, June 29 @ 6:30pm
Pirates have been romanticized and horrorized throughout history. The media has helped!
Join us for a short jaunt through history and the Golden Age of Piracy, which is actually only a decade long.
We'll even dicuss sightings of Blackbeard here in Pennsylvania!
Registration is requested, not required.


Plarn Coasters Take Home Kit - Pickup begins July 11   
Turn plastic bags into treasure by making plastic grocery bags into plarn (plastic bags + yarn = plarn). Plarn can then be used to knit or crochet all sorts of great household items from coasters to reusable market bags to pots for your household plants!
This take home kit will provide you with the materials and instructions necessary to crochet plarn coasters.
Don't know how to crochet? Handy sites for the basic stitches are provided which include directions, pictures, and videos.
Need further help? Check out the bookmark with suggestions on books in out catalog and Universal Class, or join us at any Stitch & Chat meeting!  Kits are limited. Please be sure to register below.

A Day in the Life: Marine Microbial Ecologist - Tuesday, July 12 @ 7:00pm
What is a marine microbial ecologist? What do they study and how?
Dr. Nastassia Patin joins us through Zoom from where she works in California as a marine microbial ecologist to answer these questions and more! She will discuss her work as a marine microbial ecologist and how it relates to "environmental health and resiliance in the context of a changing climate."
Join us in person or virtually from the comfort of your own home.
A Zoom link will be emailed to the address you provide the day before the event, but please be aware that we will be broadcasting Dr. Patin live in the Community Room at the same time should you wish to join us for local fellowship.

Oceans of Fun Trivia - Wednesday, July 27 @ 6:00pm
Human being have only explored 5% of the world's oceans. We know more about the surface of the moon than the ocean floor.
Join us for a fun-filled evening of trivia all about the ocean! Categories include:
Marine animals, Bodies of water, By the numbers, Tides and weather, Miscellaneous
We will be playing in teams (up to 4 members per team). Don't have a team? Join us anyway! It's a great way to meet other locals.
Register below as an individual or as a team. Space is limited!

What Lurks Beneath? PA Cryptids - Wednesday, August 3 @ 6:30pm
What lurks beneath the waters of the rivers and lakes in Pennsylvania? What terrors does our great Commonwealth hold in its forests and mountains?
Join us for a discussion on Pennsylvania's cryptids, both infamous and unknown.
Do they exist? Or don't they? You decide!
Registration requested, not required.

A Greener Cleaner - Pickup begins Monday, August 8
Learn to make cleaning and household products from everyday items that do less harm to our planet!
Also learn about ingredients in cleaners that may do some real harm to our planet and ourselves, and find out how to choose safer alternatives.
This kit includes everything needed to make a green all-purpose cleaner and recipes for other types of green household products including glass cleaner and sink & tile scrub.

Pirate Escape Room - Friday, August 12 @ 7pm - Shiver me timbers!  Can you unlock the treasure chest before you have to walk the plank?  Registration is required as space is limited.