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Reader's Advisory

NoveList Plus
Looking for your next book? Want to find more authors like your favorites? NoveList Plus has all your reading answers. Find books that match your interests, read-alikes for your favorite titles and authors, or ready-made book lists on your favorite genres. With NoveList Plus you'll fill up your to-read list in no time!

If you require a more personalized touch, the staff at the Area Public Library is ready to help you find your next book! Tell us what you like and what you don't like through this form. All suggestions remain confidential and will be processed within 3 weeks. Please only one request per patron per month.

Ashley A. (Senior Outreach Coordinator)

YA Fantasy and Horror, Psychological Thrillers, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, and True Crime

Emily E. (Cataloger)

Speculative fiction, irreverent or funny literary fiction, social and political non-fiction, LGBTQ fiction, graphic novels, anything weird

Karen H. (Director of Operations)

Nonfiction (self-help, ancient history), horror, psychological mysteries

Alyssa K. (Children's Program Assistant)

True crime, horror, science fiction/fantasy, classic literature, books for early childhood (ages 0-2)

Rachel R. (Young Adult Coordinator)

History, historical fiction, humor, fantasy, young adult/teen

Susan S. (Library Director)

Literary fiction, graphic novels, modern romance, young adult/teen, crafts

Bonnie T. (Technical Services Assistant)

Inspiring stories, mysteries

Any Librarian